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No matter what the task or goal, stay focused and should you feel that new representation is in order. Do so in writing as well as promptly as possible to avoid any complications from the agreement you signed. Just 'cause someone has their license to sell homes doesn't mean they are good at what they do. Ask questions, get it in writing, make sure your getting what you want-"Steering" is illegal. Don't let a sales rep guide you-YOU guide them on where you want to live.

Quitting is the easy part.  What comes after is far worse than the pain you were in when you decided to quit. When you quit you are looking for the immediate gratification of the pain stopping, looking for the feeling that you are done and don’t need to keep going on;  and if feels good!  It feels better than anything else; for about 30 min, but what comes next is far worse. Your brain goes into overdrive.  The questions start to come, what could I have done differently, or asked for help on, or just had some more patience. See quitting is often a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The mind or body is saying that you don’t deserve this, or that it is too hard, or why does this only happen to me. When in fact, it happens to everyone.  The comfort zone is a strange thing.  It allows you to exist and doesn’t want you to push further.  When people get out of their comfort zone the first instinct is to quit; they say this is too hard. When in fact they haven’t figured out an alternative; many times this is just the beginning on the path to greatness.

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How to Protect the Roof over Your Head


You buy a house to literally put “a roof over your head,” so having a trustworthy roof is vital. What are the key components to a roof and how do you keep it in good condition?

Layer upon layer.  From the ground, only the outermost layer of the roof is visible. That outer layer, made of shingles, tile or metal, is merely the tough exterior that protects from the weather. A whole structure lies beneath. The shingles rest on a decking such as plywood, with a  moisture barrier of heavy felt in between.

Beneath the decking, inside the attic, may be a radiant barrier, either built in or added later. Placed flush on the underside of the decking, it provides an insulating shield to prevent heat transference through the roof.

Roof coverings. Asphalt shingles are the most common roof covering. They are relatively inexpensive and last 20 years or more. Wood shingles are a little more expensive, but are more vulnerable to fire. Tile roofs are quite a bit more expensive, beautiful and can last 50 years. Slate roofs are also gorgeous and can last 80 or more years. Finally, metal roofs can last 50 years, but can be noisy in heavy rain and hail storms.

Supporting structure. The roof decking is nailed to the rafters, the frame that rises upward to give the roof its pitch. The rafters rest along the perimeter of the house on the top of the outside walls, and ceiling joists form the floor of the attic. Stuffed or blown into the joists is insulation to protect the living areas below from temperature extremes above.

Where two roof lines converge into a low trough is called a valley, and where they converge to form a peak is called a hip. The topmost peak is called the ridge line. In valleys and anywhere there are vents, skylights or chimneys, sheet metal fringing called flashing is used to protect from water penetration.

The area of overhang from the roof is called the eaves, with the horizontal bottom called a soffit and the vertical trim board being the fascia.

Care for your roof. Annual roof inspections can keep problems from developing. Each spring when snows are gone, hire a roofer to check things out. There are a few things you can check yourself. Use a ladder for a closer look at the roof than is possible from the ground, or inspect the roof from the ground with a pair of binoculars. Look for loose shingles and for flashing pulling away from dormers, chimneys, sky lights or vents. From your ladder, using an extension pole with a rake attachment, pull down any branches, leaves or other litter trapped in valleys.

If you have tall trees near the house, regular gutter cleaning is essential.  Installing gutter guards can help keep them clear. Gutters and downspouts packed with leaves overflow during rain and cause the fascia boards to eventually rot. Overflowing gutters may also cause water to seep under the shingles to the moisture barrier and decking, leading to decay.

Keep tree limbs trimmed from overhanging the roof. In a strong windstorm, overhanging limbs could break off and damage the roof. Trimming tree branches will also keep squirrels and other creatures from using a limb to jump onto the roof, and then gnawing their way into the attic.

Finally, look over your roof after hail storms.  If you have an asphalt shingle roof, look in the gutters for accumulations from the shingle granules being washed off. Hail larger than a quarter, especially jagged-shaped stones, can cause shingles to crack, making the shingles vulnerable to leaking.

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